A Christmas Yarn about, well…, Yarn!

Let me tell you a little Christmas knitting story with all kinds of ups and downs. Many years ago (erm…30+?) I bought this putty colored superwash wool. I was going to knit a sweater for myself (yay!), and started doing so and got to the armpits and screeched to a halt (boo 😓).

This yarn mill is out of business now, I believe, so I really clung to this yarn.

There it sat for 30 years while I obtained a graduate degree, got married, had kids, made a career (yay!), got divorced (boo, but actually yay!). The whole time, through many moves and all of the new circumstances, I hauled that half finished sweater around and all of the unused skeins.

It was too nice a yarn to discard, and I had a LOT of it so finally I frogged it and washed the used yarn (yay!). But no inspiration appeared (boo) until I decided to knit it all up as a car and camping blanket for my now grown son (yay!) for Christmas. Well.. that sucker became The Blanket That Never Ends ™️ and took FOREVER (boo!!). I swear, I knit and knit and knit on that dang thing until I was blue in the face. (PLEASE remind me not to make afghans as Christmas presents in the future).

The Lion (Kitty) did indeed lie down with the Lamb (dog) for this photo–normally they are constantly after each other like…well, you know. 😀

Today, however, I bound that sucker off, and played some serious and very stressful Yarn Chicken (my NOT favorite game), and lost (boo). Tears! Rending of Clothes! Moaning! Sackcloth and Ashes! Until…I desperately searched the yarn bin and came up with the original gauge swatch (HUZZAH!) and used that to finish that dang thing.

It’s a bit fuzzy for having been lurking about in the bottom of the bin for 30+ years but I’ll take it!!

Now to wash and block and this present is DONE. Whew. What a roller coaster ride. Now to finish some Christmas socks.

Here’s the current pattern I used for the blanket. I think my son will like it.

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re still knitting, may your fingers be swift and sure and all of your recipients be knit worthy to the extreme.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Yarn about, well…, Yarn!

  1. Hey Lizzie!
    I read your blog post, and I laughed out loud a few times! Thank you for sharing your humor with us!
    I am writing to let you know that I can SO relate to your thoughts about the blanket that never ends!! I am currently in the same boat as far as knitting an afghan. This one will be gorgeous when I’m done, but my brother has asked me to change the size from the 50×50 original size to a length of 74×50 because he is 6 ft. 2 inches. I had to buy more yarn to do this, and KnitPicks was out of stock. I had to wait almost 6 months for the hunter green colorway to be available. Now it has been 5 more months, and I’m still not done!
    I will be sometime in January 2022 I hope. Then, I’ll make myself some socks to replace the handknit socks that I made about 7 years ago, and they have been darned once. I think they have given me lots of pleasure, but I am not sure that they can be darned once more.
    Oddly, I have wanted to knit the Hue Shift afghan from KnitPicks. It is knit in 4 huge blocks and it is all garter stitch. I can file that under mindless knitting! I also have a cardigan on my needles. That one is called Drift and it is on the Berroco website. I have made 3 of them for others, and now I want one for me! Thank you for the laughter, Lizzie! I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

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